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What we do

Live Sound Solutions Since 2003

Gunnardo Live Sound AB is run by sound engineer David Gunnardo, who started the company in 2003. The main business is live sound mixing, system design and consultation.

The company is based in Sweden and for our swedish viewers we recommend our facebook page for updates on what we’re doing right now.

Questions regarding pro audio sales are referred to Ambisonic AB, which is a collaboration between David and Joseph Persson.

David Gunnardo
Live sound design & engineering
david (a) gunnardo.se
+46 736 54 54 41

Stjärnklart tour 2013
Stjärnklart tour 2014
Stjärnklart tour 2015
The Original Band with Norrköping Symphony Orchestra, Berwaldhallen
Daniel Adams-Ray, Gröna Lund
Sven-Bertil Taube, Dalhalla
Eric Gadd, Strandvägen 1
Stjärnklart tour 2016
Daniel Adams-Ray, Strandvägen 1
Stjärnklart tour 2017
Daniel Adams-Ray Summer 2018
Blacknuss, Cirkus